Sistering helps women who are homeless, socially isolated and suffering
from debilitating physical and mental health conditions. Poverty,  loneliness
and despair are central to their lives. Sistering provides a  safe and
welcoming space where women receive life-sustaining assistance and  emotional
supports that enable them  to take greater control of their lives.

One of the many programs that Sistering runs is Spun Studio.
Spun Studio is a textile studio working with women  affected by  homelessness, poverty, trauma and social isolation. The Studio  produces a  variety of sewn and knit fashions  and home decor items.  Participation in the  Studio provides women who have been marginalized from  mainstream economic  opportunities a chance to engage in  alternative economic and community  development activities. Women’s involvement  in the  studio also builds community  and a sense of belonging as well as increased  self esteem and self worth. The women involved in Spun Studio are  taught  fashion design,marketing and business management as well as all the technical skills they need to produce quality retail items.
Spun Studio is generously funded by Trillium Foundation