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Our second to last Q&A is with Shannon from Hoopla Event Design & Styling. Don’t forget to buy your tickets to our June 10th event!!

WHO are you ?

My name is Shannon Fitzpatrick and I am one half of Hoopla Event Design & Styling, which is a Toronto-based creative events and floral design company. We create unique, handmade and totally rocking events for both personal and corporate clients. Our blog is a reflection of what we do and gives a little inside scoop on what we are working on.

WHAT is your favourite hand made goods?

I love finding kooky handmade items for my home. I have a hand-painted, gold antler on my desk, a felted pig head taxidermy hanging on my wall, a felted jelly fish hanging from a ficus tree in my living room (apparently I like felted things!) and an anatomically correct resin heart on my shelf. Anything handmade that people are going to ask, ‘where did you get that?’ or ‘what’s the story on that?’ is what I’m drawn to.

WHERE are your favourite local spots to get hand made goods and/or supplies?

Robin and I live in Markham and, although we are in Toronto all the time for our business, we don’t have access to all the cool shops (or the time to visit them!), so we like places that are a one-stop shop. And the best one-stop shop for handmade goods is the One of a Kind Show I get such a high when I go there. There is just so much uniqueness in one room! Pretty much all the fun stuff in my house is from there.

HOW do hand made goods play a role in your life, your blog and your business?

Handmade goods play a HUGE roll in our business because we pride ourselves on our handmade touches to events. We love working with our hands, so we propose details to our clients that we can make on our own from our Desk Party in a Box, to our photo booth backdrops, seating charts and unique floral designs. The event is that much more unique because it hasn’t been mass-produced in a factory or sold at a big box store. And that’s the way we like it!







Desk Party in a Box picture – credit: Hoopla

Photo Booth Backdrop picture – credit: Anna With Love Photography

Floral Headpiece pic – credit: Scarlet O’Neill

WHY Spun Goods?

As soon as Lindsey emailed us asking if we were interested in participating, we knew we had to jump on board. Having not heard about Spun Studio before, I was amazed to find out that such a place existed in the city. What an inviting and inspirational place for women. And the talent is immense. I can’t wait to see our designs completed by these incredible women. This has been Hoopla’s first special project that we have been involved in where we are contributing to a good cause and it feels great. 


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