Robin Grant of Hoopla Event Design and Styling


For our last Q&A before event day (June 10th!), we have Robin Grant of Hoopla Event Design & Styling answering our questions and showing lots of love for all that is handmade.

WHO are you ?

My name is Robin Grant and I am one of the co-founders of Hoopla Event Design and Styling.

With my business partner Shannon we infuse our knack for crafts to create unique and rad events for any occasion.

Our blog is for us to share with the world what we have created, what we’re up to and for readers to get excited about things that we love.

WHAT is your favourite hand made goods?

Whether it’s wall art, handbags, jewelry or clothing as long as it is hand crafted and one of a kind I’m diggin’ it. I’m always intrigued by other peoples creative skills that I lack and try to support the fellow crafty talented entrepreneurs in every genre. Right now my most fave pieces are a flora and fauna sweatshirt that I rock quite often, a beautiful necklace with my daughters name on it that is on me at all times and a wall clock that I recently bought from the One of a Kind Show.

I’ve also recently discovered my love for childrens clothing ever since my daughter has come into my life which I am assuming is only going to grow considering she is sticking around for awhile!

WHERE are your favourite local spots to get hand made goods and/or supplies?

Don’t even get me started on how much I love the One of a Kind Show when it’s in town!! I would definitely say that it is one of the best places to purchase hand made unique pieces. It’s where most of my artwork is purchased from. I am also the biggest fan of Etsy. Not only can you purchase hand made goods online, but they carry a ton of supplies we continuously use in a ton of our projects.

There is also Goodwill and Value Village, antique stores, I could go on and on and on…..

HOW do hand made goods play a role in your life, your blog and your business?

My house has been a work in progress for a couple of years now. Primarily because I refuse to purchase anything that I think I can create myself. The problem is finding the time to actually do it!

I think though my favourite part of my house is my daughters nursery that I recently designed and created. There was a ton of painting, wood-cutting (thanks to my business partner Shannon), shelf-making and collecting of unique pieces here and there (again, mainly from ETSY and OOAK) to create a cozy woodland theme. It was recently featured in Canadian Family magazine and I couldn’t be more proud!!



As for Hoopla It is the basis of our business. All of the events we style are created and designed by us!! Everything from bunting, banners, floral arrangements, seating charts, signage, company display décor you name it, we make it!  





My whole life I have worked in an industry where my hands and creativity were my bread and butter. If it wasn’t for them there would be no Hoopla, meaning there would be no fun!

WHY Spun Goods?

When we were asked to be a part of Spun Studios project Spun Goods it was definitely a no brainer. From what Lindsey had explained to us it sounded like something we were definitely interested in. Coming up with an idea and having someone create it for us?? Heck ya!

But when we met up with all the wonderful women running Spun Studio and saw just how unbelievably talented they are, it filled our hearts with joy and felt so lucky to be chosen to be a part of it. Spun Studio is such an amazing organization and we gladly support everything it is that they do.



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