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We are only two weeks away from our June 10th event at Spun Goods! Today Jennifer Flores of Rambling Renovators answers our questions.

WHO are you?

Hi! I’m Jennifer Flores, the writer behind Rambling Renovators, a chronicle of the renovations, DIY adventures, and creative projects I undertake with my husband and daughter at our home in Toronto. Known for our timeless style and clever DIYs, we’ve caught the eye of design heavyweights including The Nate Berkus Show, CityLine Style At Home, This Old House, National Post, and numerous design sites. Offline, I focus on bringing the blogging community and lifestyle brands together as Principal and Founder of BlogPodium, Canada’s Conference for Design and Lifestyle Bloggers.

WHAT is your favourite hand made goods?

My favourite handmade goods are those made with kids in mind. From costumes to craft projects to party things, I like handmade goods with a youthful vibe and a bit of whimsy. Things like the peg dolls I made as take home favours for my daughter’s 5th birthday – you’re never too young to appreciate giving or getting a handmade gift.



WHERE are your favourite local spots to get hand made goods and/or supplies?

I love Etsy for unique, crafty items you can’t find anywhere else. Tonic Living is a fantastic source for fabrics and Creative Bag is my go-to source for party supplies.

HOW do hand made goods play a role in your life, your blog and your business?

Making things by hand really is the basis of my blog and it’s the passion in my life. Whether I’m sewing pillowcases for the guest bedroom, building a DIY playhouse, or baking up an edible gift, I’m happiest when I’m creating things by hand and sharing those ideas with my readers. Making things is truly how I express myself.


WHY Spun Goods?

There are many charities and organizations that help women, but what I admire about Spun Goods is that they provide knowledge and training that can potentially help these women build better lives. They tap into each woman’s inner talent and help develop it. I know personally how satisfying it is to create something with your own two hands so I’m honoured to be working with an organization that fosters creativity and self-esteem.



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