Brittany Stager of My.Daily.Randomness.



Leading up to our event on June 10th at Artscape Youngplace our design team is giving us their thoughts on hand made goods! Today we’re hearing from: Brittany Stager of My.Daily.Randomness.

WHO are you?
My name is Brittany and I am a lifestyle blogger at My Daily Randomness. I design things. I tweet. I also like to cook. Sometimes I exercise. I have a house & a business. I speak in public and teach workshops. I travel a lot.


I originally started My Daily Randomness in January 2009 as a Photo Project 365 Blog. Over the years it started to evolve into something so much more… a place where I could showcase my designs, talk about trends, lust over fashion, and drool over food.

When I am not working on MDR, I am filling my days with social media & graphic design over at my company, GroupTalk.

WHAT are your favourite hand made goods?
I am all for supporting the local artist and talent within a community. More and more I am finding myself seeking out handmade goods and item for my home.

One of my favourite handmade items is of course art and textiles. There is nothing more beautiful than a painting created out of someone’s passion for paint and canvas. I also can’t help but marvel at what artists can create using a needle and thread.

WHERE are your favourite local spots to get hand made goods and/or supplies?
Being from a small town, more often than not, all it takes is a quick walk of the downtown to find the item I am looking for – quaint heritage shops featuring everything from handmade food items to large Amish furniture.


A trip to the St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market is always the highlight of my weekends in the summer. Finding everything from fresh local flowers to unique pieces of clothing and jewelry. When searching for something specific I usually turn to Etsy or wait until the One Of A Kind Show is in town. Nothing brings me more happiness than knowing I am supporting an artist who loves their craft and can make a living doing what they enjoy.

HOW do hand made goods play a role in your life, your blog and your business?
Whether they are handmade by myself or by an artist, handmade items have a big impact on how I feel about my home, my business, and my life. I try to look for handmade items that are functional and help me in my everyday life; a hand-carved bowl to hold my keys, a lovely set of tea towels to dry my dishes, a cheery piece of artwork to bring a smile to my face.

In all honesty, I jumped at the chance to be a part of such a fun and unique project. It’s not very often that a blogger gets approached and asked to collaborate on a one of a kind product they love. Not to mention it’s all for a good cause; working with women marginalized from mainstream economic opportunities; giving them the chance to get involved, have a sense of belonging, and a boost to their self esteem.

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