Q & A with Amy Del Rosario from Love On Sunday

Leading up to our event on June 10th at Artscape Youngplace our design team is giving us their thoughts on hand made goods! First up is: Amy Del Rosario from Love On SundayWHO are you?
Hi! I’m Amy and my blog is called Love On Sunday (www.loveonsunday.com). It focuses on my passion for decor, thrifting as well as DIY’s and transforming old pieces of furniture. In addition to working as a full-time graphic designer, I run a part-time freelance business (http://www.thinklucid.com), providing design services to companies in the GTA.WHAT are your favourite hand made goods?
I love handmade goods. If I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be kilim pillows and rugs. I love the patterns, colours and of course the amazing craftsmanship. I purchased this amazing kilim pillow (link: http://loveonsunday.com/my-kilim-pillow/) from a fleamarket in Brooklyn. And I just recently added this gorgeous thrifted runner (link: http://loveonsunday.com/i-love-rug/) to my entryway.Pillow - AMY
WHERE are your favourite local spots to get hand made goods and/or supplies?Some of my favourite local spots for supplies include: King Textiles (link: http://kingtextiles.ca/), Designer Fabrics (link:www.designerfabrics.ca/), The Paper Place (link: http://www.thepaperplace.ca/) and the large selection of bead shops on Queen Street. I also love Courage my Love (link: http://kensingtonmarket.to/courage-my-love/) and just recently discovered Kid Icarus (link: http://kidicarus.ca/) , which are both in Kensington Market.
HOW do hand made goods play a role in your life, your blog and your business?Handmade goods have always been a part of my life since childhood. My parents have always been very resourceful and creative – which has totally rubbed off on me. My Dad (who is a welder) can build some amazing things with scrap wood and metal. We love thrifting and we often create custom pieces with old furniture and found materials.   Below are some of my favourite projects:-       custom console table (http://loveonsunday.com/our-entryway-in-progress/)-       bar table http://loveonsunday.com/thrifted-thursday-a-12-bar-table/–       custom banquette/kitchen update http://loveonsunday.com/my-nursery-board-on-bijoux-and-boheme-and-the-banquette-reveal/
–       laptop sleeve made of an old wool sweater (photo below)

DIY Laptop 1 - AMY-1

DIY Laptop 2 - AMY
I personally love creating and receiving handmade gifts for all occasions. They are 100% unique and a lot more thoughtful, who doesn’t love that? Whether it be a knitted scarf or a custom throw pillow, there’s something so beautiful about receiving something that was created by one person with their own 2 hands.WHY SPUN GOODS?It’s such an honour to be working with a social enterprise like Spun Studio. I feel fortunate and blessed to be collaborating with such talented women.Before I was approached to be part of the team, I honestly didn’t know an enterprise like this even existed in our city. The type of work they are capable of doing is amazing and it deserves to be seen. I chose to get involved because of my love for handmade & woven products and also to help build awareness and support the women in our community any way I can.

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